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Var post is a weekly podcast tackling everything to do with football. Expect loud chat, full on respect and updates from Joey Barton. (Var stands for Video Assistant Referee but makes for a very clever pun)

The Skype Calls: Ep 1: Glen Dolan

It's back but with a twist! For these self isolating times the guest steps away from the wardrobe and converses through the marvel of online chat! In ...
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Episode 8: Matchweek 10

Matchweek 10. Back to the traditional format of one matchweek. The hosts deal with their first ever live caller, discuss the handball rule and as alwa...
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Episode: 7 Matchweeks 8 & 9

Welcome to a special edition of VarPost recorded whilst watching PSV vs Spurs (24/10/2018). Listen as the hosts attempt to recap on recent matches, pu...
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Episode 6: Matchweeks 6 & 7

Episode 6 takes on a slight format change in order to cover both matchweek 6 & 7. It's a jam packed ep but it's still got all the old favorites. So li...
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Episode 5: Matchweek 5

Matchweek 5! The hosts give a short recap on the opening Champions League games. Hear the latest on Nott Forest, Joey Barton and Steve McClaren. #VarP...
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