Vegans With Typewriters

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Vegans With Typewriters is a food podcast about Phae's quest for epicurean nirvana in the Ottawa and surrounding region. This is highly experimental, probably profanity laden, and quite likely has very little to do with Veganism.

Pizza Quest

Feedback and Follow-Up - What goes good with tator tots?No feedback this week, so we’ll dip into the giant repository of unanswered questions, Yahoo A...
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Yalla Yalla

Preroll    Hi! Welcome to the Vegans With Typewriters Podcast, Episode 002 for Tuesday April 18, 2017. My name is Phae and this week I have a short sh...
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Steak and Beer Day

Segment 1 - Poutine Roundup    - Mex    - Caisse Croute Rodeo    - St. Albert’s Cheese Factory    - Law and OrdersFind of the Week    - Blue Dragon Ge...
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