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Delivering fun, insightful and relatable conversations centered around the biggest veterinary news stories today. Vet Candy, a digital hub focused on the veterinary lifestyle, has a new show, “Vet Candy on Watch,” hosted by Dr. Courtney Campbell, former Nat-Geo Wild co-host and winner of Global Pet Expo’s Excellence in Journalism award. Dr. Courtney Campbell, who is also the executive producer of the show, says the series will cover veterinary topics, along with expert lifestyle advice. “With Vet Candy on Watch, we want to deliver content for the millennial veterinary professional in an innovative way, while staying true to Vet Candy’s mantra: smart, simple, sweet.” says Campbell. The company promises information-packed shows where veterinary professionals can watch scientific news, clinical updates, and lifestyle advice including ways to make vet life easier with tips on mindfulness, nutrition and cooking, fashion, and exercise. The original show, developed by Vet Candy and hosted by Campbell, plans to feature expert lifestyle advice from special guests, including clinical psychologist Dr. Dara Querimit, registered dietician and nutritionist Caitlin Kiarie, financial expert Bryan Gum, and more. A recent survey by Morgan Stanley showed that 40% of U.S. Facebook users view Facebook Watch videos every week. Of these, 40% of these viewers are younger than 34 years old, and a whopping 75% are enjoying short-form content, which is classified as less than 20 minutes. VetCandy Watch episodes are planned to run at approximately 10 minutes each. “Vet Candy on Watch is a product of our company’s commitment to continued development of providing engaging experiences for our veterinary audience,” said Dr. Jill López, veterinarian and CEO of Vet Candy, LLC. “Collaborating with our veterinary advisors and lifestyle contributors allowed us to be experimental in our digital development, which opened the door to this innovative way to connecting with our veterinary audience,” says López. “Vet Candy on Watch has it all, including the latest veterinary medical research news, cooking tutorials, and yoga demonstrations,” says Campbell, “the show aims to make life easier for veterinary professionals in a fun and entertaining way.”

Someone that I used to know

Host, Dr. Courtney Campbell gives us news on all things veterinary medicine, from incidence of heartworm disease in the U.S. to ways to prevent leptos...
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Got your number

Honey in horses, hetastarch updates, and iridium in cats. Host Dr. Courtney Campbell delivers veterinary clinical updates, scientific news, and lifest...
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Toxic Algae Warning

Blue-green algae are not algae at all, but types of bacteria called cyanobacteria that are normally present in many lakes. This type of bacteria thriv...
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Leptospirosis dangers for dogs

Add this to the list of reasons to close your mouth and wear gloves when cleaning up after animals. Apparently a small number of dogs can develop pers...
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Join host Dr. Courtney Campbell as he discusses the challenges with leptospirosis, pain medication in horses, and diabetes remission in cats. Also, Ca...
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It's complicated!

FDA takes new steps to report adverse event reporting. Plus, are purebred dogs healthier than mixed breeds? Dr. Courtney Campbell hosts this informati...
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What comes around, goes around.

This episode of Vet Candy Watch, Dr. Courtney Campbell tells us about toxic algae, updates on leptospirosis, and details surrounding a Parvo outbreak ...
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