VMP Anthology

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Go beyond the liner notes with the VMP Anthology podcast, the audio accompaniment to VMP Anthology, a series of box sets from Vinyl Me, Please.

Episode 7: Fare Thee Well

In this season’s finale, we cover the sixth and final album in your Vanguard box set, Skip James’ Today! James’ signing to Vanguard represented the lo...
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Episode 5: It’s My Way

In this episode, we cover the fourth album in your box, Buffy Sainte-Marie’s debut LP, It’s My Way! It’s hard to find a folk debut as daring, jarring ...
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Episode 4: Girl of Constant Sorrow

This fourth episode of this season of the VMP Anthology Podcast is devoted to Joan Baez, whose self-titled Vanguard debut is the third album in your V...
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Episode 3: I Know Where I’m Going

In the third episode of our series on the folk label Vanguard, we cover the story of Odetta’s My Eyes Have Seen. The 1959 record solidified Odetta’s p...
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Episode 2: Around the World

In this episode, we’ll start to dive into the albums in your box set, starting with The Weavers’ second album, At Carnegie Hall.  Recorded live at Car...
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Vanguard Episode 1: Sing Out!

The first episode of our podcast on The Story of Vanguard,  the 10th edition of VMP’s Anthology box set series, will set the scene for the rest of you...
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S9E4: If They Only Knew

In this fourth episode of the new season of the VMP Anthology podcast, we discuss the third set of albums in your VMP Anthology: The Story of Metal Bl...
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