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Ep2021-06: Dennis Tafoya

Go to to sponsor. This time Amber Love interviews fellow writer & crime enthusiast Dennis Tafoya.
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Ep2021-05: Eric Grissom

A joyous interview with my old friend in comics, Eric Grissom, to talk about his new book with Will Perkins, GOBLIN. Support this site at
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Ep2021-04: Erica Schultz

Comic book creator and Kubert School teacher, Erica Schultz talks about her plans for a new comic about three sisters and their family dysfunction in ...
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Ep2021-03: Wallace Stroby

Novelist Wallace Stroby discusses the details in character development and setting for his 2021 crime thriller, Heaven's a Lie. Support this show at P...
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Ep2021-02: Jim Demonakos

Lifelong comic book geek, Jim Demonakos discusses his new documentary on Mike Mignola. You can support this show at
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Ep20212-01: Pat Shand

Writer Pat Shand talks about his comics work and the next phase for DESTINY, NY. You can support this show at
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Ep2020-09: Josh Stallings

Author of TRICKY, Josh Stallings is back on the show to focus the conversation on neurodiversity, being an ally, what raising an intellectually disabl...
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Ep2020-08: Erica Schultz

Comic creator Erica Schultz is back to give advice on storytelling for comics and her comics Forgotten Home and The Legacy of the Mandrake. Support th...
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Ep2020-07: Jeremy Holt

Writer Jeremy Holt discusses his latest comic release, Virtually Yours; other topics include domestic violence, gender representation, plotting and pa...
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Ep2020-06: TJ Kirsch

Comics creator and literary agent, T.J. Kirsch discusses his comics, career, and his biographical work on the Willie Nelson graphic novel. Support thi...
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