Voice Marketing with Emily Binder

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Short insights and tips about marketing and voice technology.ALEXA FLASH BRIEFING: Click "Subscribe", click the chain link icon, then Enable.1-click subscribe in your native podcast appListen to grow your brand or your brain. Answering to no one, always raw. Start the clock on your beetle moment... Now!With Emily Binder, Chief Strategist at Beetle Moment Marketing. Visit beetlemoment.com to read the blog or find out how to consult with Emily.Comments, thoughts, questions? Tweet @emilybinder.View episode notes and learn more about voice marketing.Part of Briefcast.fm - the first and only vetted Alexa Flash Briefing networkHow to hear this on Alexa in US, UK, or Canada (on Amazon Echo devices):1) Click "Enable" at any of the links below2) Say, "Alexa, Flash Briefing."US: http://bit.ly/beetleflashUK: http://bit.ly/beetleflashukCA: http://bit.ly/beetleflashca

TikTok for Podcasts, Where Ya At?

The first minute of this episode explains the huge opportunity in podcast creation tools: making true ease of use to create great sounding content. Th...
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You Have No Excuse in 2021

The tools are available to you because you have the internet in 2021 - go forth! Do anything! Nowadays, you have no excuse not to be a successful inve...
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But We've Always Done It This Way

You can preserve the status quo or worse, for awhile, if you stick with the way you've done it. We discuss similarities between early social media and...
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