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Sermon audio from Vortex Church in Albemarle, NC. For more information, visit us online at vortexchurch.com

Lumber - A Speck of Sawdust

Isn’t it crazy how something as little as an eyelash or piece of sawdust can cause our vision to become blurred when it gets in our eyes? In this mess...
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Lumber - The Plank

Have you ever gotten something in your eye that caused you to not see for a little while? What if that is how we are living? During this message, Past...
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Lumber - Carpenter

Have you ever noticed how important perspective can be? It is important because what we are looking at matters. Closeness changes your perspective. Du...
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Heart for the House - 5x7 Talks

Several of our staff have joined us today to share what having a heart for the house means to them. Each one bringing a personal and unique perspectiv...
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Guest Speaker - Corey Williams

Pastor Corey Williams shares from his heart on the topic of A Heart for the House. What the house (the church) represents to him and how important it ...
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