Wake Up & Smell the Real Estate podcast

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This podcast is to educate my 4 kids and any others interested in the art of investing in real estate starting with little, or large sums of, money. My name is Tom McKay and I have been buying and selling real estate more than 30 years. I bought my first property, a commercial building, when I was 19 years old . Now in my 50s I continue to enjoy doing what I do best. Finding real estate deals and out negotiating my competition. I also manage most of my 150,000 plus square feet of commercial, industrial, office, residential properties. I also enjoy great landlord / tenant relations. Mostly my show is about making deals and keeping properties cash flowing and share many teachable moments from real deals. What you get from me is authentic investing expertise that is applicable and practical and real. I use my own property purchases and sales for reference something most so called "gurus: can not do! I have youtube channel FlipAnything, I have created an app "FlipAnything" available on Google Play and iTunes and about to release my new book "Wake Up and Smell the Real Estate". Available by preorder on Amazon books. All of which I share in some form and use regularly in my day to day investing.