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Restaurant obsessives Michael Russell and Gary "The Foodie" Okazaki break down the latest news, major openings and more from the wide world of American food.

21 -- Gary Evades Quarantine

Fresh off his recent trip to Hong Kong and Seoul, Gary gets flagged by the CDC due to his two-hour stopover in Shanghai's airport. Meanwhile, Michael ...
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16 -- Mexico City

Gary and Michael smoke clove cigarettes, drink vermouth and recap their recent visit to Mexico City, including each of their top five restaurants from...
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14 - Gregory Gourdet

Departure chef Gregory Gourdet joins Michael Russell and Gary "The Foodie" Okazaki to talk about his new book, "Top Chef" and his upcoming African Roo...
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13 -- Meet Gary David

Gary "The Inquisitor" holds Michael to the flame re: his picks for The Oregonian’s 2019 Restaurant Guide. But first, the former social media friends t...
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12 -- How Sweet It Is

Michael quizzes Gary on his recent trip to the West Coast's best new food city (and also Los Angeles), the duo chat about Tales of the Cocktail's just...
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