Ward and Peace

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Excited by the big ideas, breakthroughs and campaigns that are changing medicine and healthcare for the better? Then listen to Ward and Peace to find out more. Featuring interviews with leaders in their fields and insightful discussion. Hosted by Dr Sam Waterson and Dr Vitasta Raina. New episode weekly.


Ageing population: ticking timebomb or medical miracle? The world's population of people aged 60+ is expected to reach 2 billion by the year 2050...
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HIV, Sexual Health and Stigma

How can we overcome stigma in sexual health? We discuss this, and other issues surrounding sexually transmitted infections including HIV in this week&...
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Diabetes Management and COVID

Lots of scaremongering news has been propagated regarding diabetes and COVID, but this episode aims to dispel myths and reduce the fear. Has telecommu...
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Synthetic Biology

In episode 5 of Ward and Peace, Sam and Vitasta are joined with Professor James Collins of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to discuss Synt...
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Doctors with Disabilities

Sam, Vitasta and Lavanya are joined by junior doctor and disabled athlete, Dr Molly Hunt. They discuss the perceptions, experiences and realities of w...
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Cultural Diversity

In the third episode of Ward and Peace, Sam and Vitasta explore the topic of culture and hear from Dr Cathy O'Leary who shares her own experience...
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A Greener NHS

In the second episode of Ward and Peace Sam, Vitasta and Lavanya discuss working towards a greener NHS and are joined by Dr Helena Clements, a consult...
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In the first episode of Ward and Peace Sam and Vitasta discuss vaccines and are joined by Professor Gordon Dougan, a world authority on the subject. 
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