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Come listen in as Jen (@jbuffyangel) and Calli (@callistawolf) discuss the CW tv show Arrow, the best ship on tv Olicity and all things that are on their minds. New episodes weekly. Be aware: this is a very spoiler friendly podcast and there might be some swearing. But we can promise a good, entertaining listen for all you Arrow and Olicity fans out there!

Watchover Ep 69 - After the End

We return from a small break to discuss a few Arrow-related things as well as dish on what we're watching now and have a little belated Oscars discuss...
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Watchover Ep 67 - Before the End

We weigh in one last time before #Arrow is over and through with our thoughts going into the finale. We discuss that there are spoilers but there are ...
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Watchover Ep 65 - Crossover Blues

So, *that* happened. We know it's hard to see it (and even harder to understand what the frick is going on half the time) but we did expect this, righ...
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