We Are Human First

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Join us as we focus on people and their relationships...how we think...what empowers us... and how and where we can enable positive change.

Sharing Power

Today, Dr. Paula Christian Kliger and Lori Blumenstein Bott, LMSW, discuss the concept of sharing power, and its relevance in our current climate.We o...
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Differences in Generations

Today, Dr. Paula Christian Kliger, PhD, is joined once again by her daughter, Sara Kliger, RDT, LCAT.  We take a look at our collective trauma in 2020...
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Coping With Our Collective Trauma

Today, Dr. Paula Christian Kliger is joined by her daughter Sara Kliger, a licensed creative arts therapist and registered drama therapist.In future e...
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Mindful Re-Emergence

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, today we look at Dr. Kliger's Self Study Model, and how mindfulness can help us through.How do we li...
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Understanding Your Blind Spots

Today, Dr. Paula Christian Kliger and Lori Blumenstein-Bott, LMSW, continue their exploration of the self-study model, with a look at our blind spots....
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