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PODCAST FORMERLY KNOWN AS LEGION: THE PODCAST        -Podcast covering Legion on FX.  Brian one of the hosts from Legion: The Podcast is joined by Jake from Pop Culture Leftovers and Wrestling Jabronis as well as Steve and Kova from Scene-It Cast to discuss the Noah Hawley series Legion based on the Marvel Comics character from X-Men.Brian also hosts Pop Culture Leftovers, Number One Comic Books, Sweetwater Saloon - A Westworld Podcast, Runaways TV Talk, American Gods Aftershow, Talking Taboo FX and Transformers: Titans Return.Follow us on Twitter @WeAreLegionPod and on Facebook @WeAreLegionPodcastEmail us: wearelegionpodcast@gmail.comArtwork by Dmitriy Petrenya  https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4eEZ1                   -Music by RickLan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdBCDOnokuGTGQLa7AFJd4g

Chapter 19 - Season 2 Legion

"David battles Farouk and tries to prevent the future."  Last episode of the season.  Thanks for joining us for Season 2 of Legion.  For more Steve an...
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Chapter 15 - Season 2 Legion

Legion FX - Brian and Steve breakdown their thoughts on Chapter 15.                                                                     A delusion sta...
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Chapter 13 - Season 2 Legion

Brian, Jake and Steve reviews Chapter 13 of Legion.               An uneasy reunion leads to a shocking truth.                                       
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Chapter 12 - Season 2 Legion

Brian and Jake recap Chapter 12 of Legion on FX.                                              David is tested.  And tested.  And tested.          
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Chapter 11 - Season 2 Legion

Brian (Number One Comic Books) Jake (Wrestling Jabronis) and Kova (Scene-It Cast) discuss Chapter 11 of Legion on FX.                                 ...
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Chapter 10 - Season 2 Legion

Brian (Number One Comic Books), Jake (Pop Culture Leftovers) and Steve (Scene-It Cast) discuss Chapter 10 of Legion.                       David meets...
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