We Do: A Watchmen Podcast

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The officially unofficial podcast for Watchmen on HBO. If you're looking for The Leftovers podcast, we've archived it in a new feed. Search 'Leftovers Bald Move' in your podcast app to find it or visit http://baldmove.com/podcast-subscription-tool/

S01E09 - See How They Fly

Jim and A.Ron watched the Watchmen. In the finale episode of the season, and perhaps the series, See How They Fly, they break a few eggs to make a tas...
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S01E08 - A God Walks into a Bar

Jim and A.Ron are watching the Watchmen. They discuss the paradox of time and space, and have a lot to say for an episode about a man asking a woman o...
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S01E07 - An Almost Religious Awe

Jim and A.Ron are watching the Watchmen. The Millennium Clock continues to count down as we experience a lot of big reveals in this episode. Jim isn't...
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S01E05 - Little Fear of Lightning

Jim and A.Ron are watching the Watchmen. In this episode, we will be your sponsors where you can find support for your extra-dimensional anxiety. If y...
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