We Get to Know

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We Get to Know is a media company specializing in podcast creation, original & shared content, and short form interviews. We are interviewing your favorite creatives, innovators, business owners, influencers and bloggers from a variety of industries. For years we have all been following some of the most inspiring people through various creative mediums and our social media platforms. We are looking to connect and be inspired. We try new recipes, we look for style inspirations, or maybe even design an entirely new kitchen on ideas we see and share through these cultivators. These ideas are what sparked the inspiration for We Get to Know. Have you ever craved knowing just a little bit more about their personal stories and favorite things? We can answer that question with a definitive YES. To satisfy this craving we have launched our podcast, We Get to Know. We chat with your favorite people and influencers from a variety of fields including health food + wellness, design, fitness, travel, fashion, entertainment and comedy; truly the topics are endless. Our newest project is a short form interview series called, 13 Questions by We Get to Know, featuring creatives, artist and interesting people that indulge our curiosity and chat about their upcoming projects. We will be tossing an array of questions to our guests in a unique, energetic and entertaining Q&A format. We are excited to share their conversations and responses with all of you. We welcome your feedback, guest ideas and listener questions for our guest.