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Prismatic Guard Chapter 74

Our heroes come across a town that's being plagued by the undead and the party can't let that be, promising the townsfolk that they'll save the town.
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Prismatic Guard Episode 73

In this episode, the party tries to find anyone that survived the demon attacks and then continues on to find Elric, but when Rovarth is asked for hel...
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Prismatic Guard Episode 71

Margo may be back in the land of the living, but she still dreams of death. After helping the reformers, our heroes find themselves facing off against...
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Prismatic Guard Episode 70

In this episode our heroes learn that their actions have serious consequences when Margo has to pay the price for Rovarth’s mistake.
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Mr. Faye Episode 6

In this episode, Mr. Faye gives Willis an ultimatum and Willis chooses to give up the goat. Mr. Faye finds Anya and Oswain in an old crypt on the outs...
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Kinetic Episode 6

Kinetic works with Mikkel and Dr. Buck to finally figure out Gravitas’ Endgame. In the ensuing battle, Kinetic tries her hardest to rescue everyone bu...
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Truth Episode 6

Truth finally gathers what she needs to take down the human trafficking ring and the corrupt mayor, but dark clouds are on the horizon and she's ready...
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