We Should Know Better

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Every episode Tim, Kyle and Sky play the Wiki game and attempt to get from one specific Wikipedia article to another only through the links within the articles.

Ep153: Yelling at a Wick Wall

This week Kyle has us going from the dog days of summer to cookie! Sky gets wrapped up in the hazy definition of children's literature while Tim check...
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Ep152: A Carbonated Water Baby

Oh no, it wasn't the planes. It was bad links that killed the beast. Sky has us going from milkshake to King Kong. Subscribe in iTunesListen on Stitch...
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Ep151: Lazy Ions

Ǫ̷͙́̓h̵̳̾̌ ̴̨̧͛͑h̶͎̄i̷̖̭̚͝ ̴̝̆̄M̴̺̗̆a̵̗͒r̶͙̓k̶̦͝!̴̺͎̏ Tim has us going from The Room to glitch. Sky accidentally goes over the entire history of Chann...
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Ep150: Join the Starch Resistance

For the sesquicentennial episode, Kyle has Sky and Tim answer questions about the dramatic history of a U.S. commemorative coin. We all work together ...
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Ep149: It's Jift

In this episode Tim has us go from Tim Tam to lip balm! Sky checks out store brands and Kyle processes the point of sale. Subscribe in iTunesListen on...
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Ep 147: Santa Runs the Wild Hunt

Hey, happy holidays! In our somewhat yearly tradition, we're all working together to thread the needle between three different holiday Wiki pages. Pou...
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Ep146: Just Blat Me Later

Hi, you've reached the podcast of We Should Know Better! We're sorry we can't come to the phone; Kyle is hosting a run from Answering Machine to Embro...
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Ep144: I Would Kill for Jim Davis

CHEESE PIZZA! Sky has Tim and Kyle race from commensalism to Tim Curry. We trek around environmentalism and end up in a very predictable place. Subscr...
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