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…or so said Mark Twain in Innocents Abroad: “Travel is fatal… to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts” . So begins our delightful adventure with Kevin Dolgin, a perfect travel companion, who reveals destinations around the world and speaks with inveterate travelers. This isn’t a show about the practicalities of travel, it’s a little voyage in itself.

Wanderlust – Istanbul part 2

Kevin and his sons visit the Topkapi palace’s harem complex and the Byzantine cistern to round out their long weekend in Istanbul. They reflect on the...
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Wanderlust – Istanbul

The Young and the Old, part 1. This month, Kevin takes you to Istanbul in the company of his two teenage sons, Marc and Nicolas, who do their best to ...
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Wanderlust – BEIJING

Beijing’s Forbidden City is one of the most fascinating palaces in the world, but Kevin doesn’t take you there this month. He does take you to a numbe...
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Wanderlust – Poland

Sick of Prague, with its crowds of tourists? Head to Cracow. Poland’s ancient capital is one of Eastern Europe’s least appreciated gems, full of windi...
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Wanderlust – London

Kevin takes you past Piccadilly, Leicester Square, and a series of other London landmarks, and he stops to talk to a number of antique booksellers on ...
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Wanderlust – Dublin

Kevin takes a stroll down Dublin’s Grafton street, where he chats with a street musician and enjoys the bustle of an Irish afternoon… before heading i...
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Wanderlust – Brussels

This month, Kevin brings you to Europe’s capital, Brussels. He visits the city’s mascot, Manneken Pis, has a couple of beers in Belgium’s most renowne...
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Wanderlust – Monaco

If Monaco conjures up images of expensive cars, classy casinos and monstrous yachts, it’s only because that’s exactly what this tiny country is like. ...
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Wanderlust – Home

In this first episode, Kevin takes you to the small village near Paris in which he lives, where he interviews the mayor about the French art of mayori...
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