Weekly Hypothetical

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Posing an offbeat hypothetical every week. Call in with your answers and we'll publish the best responses we receive.

34. Emotional mirror vs open book

Would you rather that your emotional state was that of the person closest to you at any given time or randomly people would be able to read you though...
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32. Hand Genitals v Egg Hold

Would you rather have you genitalia moves to your left hand (female or male) OR always have to carry an egg and you get tased every time it breaks?
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31. Bank Robbery v Appendix

Would you rather have to plan and execute a bank vault robbery with your three best friends OR your best non-doctor friend removes your appendix with ...
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30. Sarcasm V Slow Clap

*** Question *** No sarcasm or Slow clap all jokes • Clarification please! • Don't you laugh at me ! • That would be soooo awful • Humour vacuum • Win...
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29. Restaurant Sing v Arguing

Would you rather always have to try to get the whole restaurant to sing a song with you OR always have to insist your meal be discounted in some way b...
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28 Forgot Password v Flat Tire

Would you rather get a flat tire every time you are in a vehicle of any kind OR every website you go to you have to use Forgot My Password every time.
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26. Baby Poo v Roller Coaster

Would you rather have the bowel control of a baby and have to be cleaned up by others OR have to act like you're on a roller coaster every time you're...
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