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Weird N Woke we talk about anything from real world issues going on now to conspiracys, music, entrepreneur exsperiences and more!! PREPARE TO BE AWOKEN!! Support this podcast:

Dreams Vs. Reality (Episode #6)

In this episode of the Weird N Woke Podcast we talk about the dream state, multiple dimensions, parallel universes and more! Enjoy! Make sure to go ch...
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Who Really Knows! (Episode #5)

In this episode of the Weird N Woke Podcast we talk about President Elect Joe Biden possible socialism, the election and few conspiracies wrapped arou...
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Episode 4 - Dinosaurs?

We apologize for our long hiatus but we are back with a new episode and lot of news regarding our clothing website as well as establishing our gaming ...
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Episode 3 - Taxes pt.1

We know it's been a minute since the last episode but we back and ready to kick off the new year and what better way to do that than by talking a litt...
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Episode 2 - A Gamer's Mind's Eye

Hey guys in this episode Basil and myself thank and address the feedback as well as helpful tips you listeners have given us about the podcast , as we...
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Episode 1 - Interview with Dre

Introduction into the realm of Weird N Woke. We cover how and why Weird N Woke came about and we introduce our first guest and entrepreneur Dre who co...
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Podcast trailer

Short overview of the Weird N Woke podcast, we just talk about what to look forward to as we get ready to release our very first episode! --- Support ...
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