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Humorous discussions on contemporary topics and life with your hosts Dave and Matt.

Episode 16: New Year - New Goals

Matt and Dave discuss goals and Tim Ferriss' book "4 Hour Workweek".  Dave talks about his trip to Germany and the funicular railway at Heidelburg cas...
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Episode 14: Tuba Tuesday

This is our first road trip were we take you, our house guests with us.  Join us as we take you to the Vincent and Ethel Simonetti Historic Tuba Colle...
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Episode 12: It's Not Dead Yet!

It's been a while but we're back.  Matt prepares for his next adventure while Dave prepares for Sharknado 4. Dave shares some new ideas, but needs som...
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Episode 9: Spam Bites

Matt and Dave discuss Bob Ross on Twitch, one of the most amazing final plays ever in college football,  sportsmanship, and Spam Bites.
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Episode 8: "Them's Fightin' Herds"

Listeners, would you like to play a "My Little Pony" version of "Mortal Combat"? If so, Matt explains how, in this new game,  Matt and Dave visit the ...
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