We’re The Worst (Sarcasm Implied)

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Episode 112: Vlog #3 (audio)

Our latest is another vlog! This vlog is a sorta mukbang, sorta hangout! Carmen’s long-time friend, Joanna joins us to talk about burritos, hot sauce,...
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Episode 111: The Wiki Shuffle

In our latest episode, we do another Wiki Shuffle! We just really like doing these ones, let us know if you like them too! We jump around the science-...
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Episode 110: Game Time!

In our latest episode, we play some games! Definitely some Shag, Marry, Kill, and some 6Perks in there as well! Let us know what you think, and thanks...
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Episode 109: Recasting X-Men!

In our latest podcast we do something totally different: Recasting! Basically we pick a movie (or in this case, a series) and pick actors we would wan...
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Episode 108: Vlog #2 (audio)

It’s that time again for another vlog! In our latest vlog, we decorated bullet journals together and show them off to the camera and talk about what w...
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Episode 107: Rambly Road #6

In our latest episode, we talk about a multitude of things including: subjectivity when it comes to having fun and being boring, getting an artist spa...
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Episode 106: Game Time!

In our latest episode, we play some more Reddit games! As usual, the games are on the subreddits https://www.reddit.com/r/WouldYouRather/, https://www...
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Episode 105: The Wiki-Shuffle

in our latest episode, we try something new! We’re calling it the wiki-shuffle, but it’s also known as the wiki-hole, or the Wikipedia Rabbit Hole! An...
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Episode 104: Vlog #1 (audio)

We’re doing vlogs this year! Just like our regular episodes, we’re just gonna hang out, it’s gonna be recorded, and we’re gonna share it with you! In ...
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Episode 103: Today I Learned

In our latest episode, we browse Reddit’s Today I Learned subreddit and went through some interesting facts! First of all, sorry for the water sounds ...
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