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Wise up to Shame

Deep down, what do you believe about yourself? If you’re stuck believing an ugly, broken narrative, check out Sunday’s message and know this: It’s fal...
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Wise Up to Anger

What has the power to damage your relationships, diminish your joy and hinder your growth? Anger. Check out Sunday’s message. It’s time to wise up to ...
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Wise up to Fear

This life presents plenty of opportunity to fear, but it’s time to wise up. When you’re tempted to fear, lean into the promises of God. He makes good ...
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Wise up to Temptation

It’s easy to get sucked into a seemingly endless cycle of temptation, sin and regret that feels inescapable – but it’s not. God is faithful, and he AL...
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The Test

Jesus continues to build his church on earth through people who love and follow him. So, how do we become a part of strengthening his kingdom? It star...
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The Cost

We don’t let go of things easily. We cling tightly where we shouldn’t. Check out Sunday’s message and learn to loosen your grip as you begin to surren...
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The Goal

If your goal is to look more like Jesus every day, check out Sunday’s message and be reminded that small daily, intentional steps in the right directi...
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The Invitation

It’s an indisputable fact – Jesus IS building his church. So how can West Side be an active part of helping people find their way to God? We can start...
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Live a Forgettable Life

Want to live a full and satisfying life? Use your days to bring glory to God in all you do, whether extraordinary or mundane. In turn, you’ll experien...
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Develop Discernment

Do you need more mercy in your life? Maybe you need to let go of something from your past and accept God’s grace. Maybe you need to give up your right...
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