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WFUV's award-winning, weekly public affairs program. Host George Bodarky covers New York City issues from the humorous to the sobering; whether it's an examination of local hipsters, homelessness or historic architecture. "Cityscape gives me 30 minutes to focus on a particular issue, to really delve into it," says Bodarky. "I love to walk," he says. "I will just walk around Manhattan and discover new neighborhoods, new communities, and to me that's the best thing... Much of what I bring to the show is a new experience to me that I hope resonates with the listeners as well."

An 'Epic' Return to the Stage

Curtains are rising again at New York City theaters. Epic Players is among the companies returning to the stage after the COVID-19 pandemic upended li...
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Reframing Justice Reform

Conversations about criminal justice reform often revolve around police and prosecutors. But, our guest this week says it's high time to take a differ...
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NYC's Natural Wonders

Even in the concrete jungle, nature is far from elusive. The New York City Parks Department oversees more than 30,000 acres of land in all five boroug...
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When Life's a Drag

If you’re in Brooklyn this September, don’t be surprised if you pass a few people on the streets in sky-high wigs and even higher heels. Bushwig, an a...
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Comedy During Covid

From cancel culture to COVID-19 shutdowns, comedians and club owners have had to roll with the punches, while keeping their punchlines sharp. Our gues...
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Waxing Poetic about the GWB

If you regularly cross over the George Washington Bridge, then you know that even in a pandemic, traffic can be plentiful. The GWB is one of the regio...
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