What Is The Event Podcast - The First Podcast Dedicated to The Event on NBC

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What Is The Event Podcast is the first podcast dedicated to The Event on NBC. This podcast features news and information about The Event that debuted the Fall of 2010 on NBC, on Mondays at 9 pm. Checout the other podcast from Jimmy in GA, in the iTunes store or at http://www.JimmyinGA.com!.

WITEP (Mp3) Episode 1.30 - The End

In the 38th and final episode, we bid The Event Farewell and thank you, the listeners, for your support. E-mail: whatistheeventpodcast@gmail.com. Twit...
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WITEP (AAC) Episode 1.25 - Strain

In this all new episode, we discuss an all new episode of The Event Episode 18 - Strain. We have some EVENT news, get into some listen feedback during...
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