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A cure for your internet cancer through exposure therapy. Let's all get angry at the state of the world together completely UNCENSORED. Hosted by "Wush" the owner of an Uncensored Live Internet Radio network called Podtrash.

Episode 106 – Game Of Moans

What Is This Episode: 106 Air Date: 05/24/19 Duration:138:14 Size: 133mb Summary: * Re-watching Game Of Thrones and Finale review. * The greatest TV f...
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Episode 105 – Days Gone

What Is This Episode: 105 Air Date: 05/03/19 Duration:154:07 Size: 149mb Summary: * Logic & Eminem. * Giant Black Guy with Diabetes chugs different dr...
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Episode 103 – Clickbait

What Is This Episode: 103 Air Date: 12/09/18 Duration:207:52 Size: 181mb Summary: * Lil Pump eating lean cereal. * Discussing Leaving Neverland and Mi...
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Episode 102 – Legally Stoned

What Is This Episode: 102 Air Date: 12/09/18 Duration:281:28 Size: 270mb Summary: * Wush is indulging in some legal Canadian weed. * YouTube Rewind 20...
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Part III: Down the Rabbit Hole

What Is This Episode: Part III: Down the Rabbit Hole Air Date: 10/31/18 Duration:96:25 Size: 112mb Summary: * Wush responds to Kleenex quitting Podtra...
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Part II: Autism Speaks

What Is This Episode: Part II: Autism Speaks Air Date: 10/20/18 Duration:98:48 Size: 96mb Summary: * Wush responds to criticisms from Gonzoshitcock. E...
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Part I: 7 Minutes Of Fame

What Is This Episode: Part I: 7 Minutes of Fame Air Date: 10/17/18 Duration:108:42 Size: 105mb Summary: * Wush responds to criticisms from Krystal, Br...
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Episode 101 – Spanish Flyball

What Is This Episode: 101 Air Date: 09/29/18 Duration:288:46 Size: 280mb Summary: * Wush returns and discusses a criminal walrus. * Shane Dawson’s doc...
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Episode 100 – Felina

What Is This Episode: 100 Air Date: 08/17/18 Duration:300:37 Size: 294mb Summary: * Reaching 100 episodes and a community that has survived 10 years. ...
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