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The What the Con Podcast dives into the world of conspiracy theories. Each episode will explore a different topic and help to bring you up to speed on all things conspiracies.

The Mystery of JonBenét Ramsey

In this episode of What the Con we explore the unsolved murder of six-year-old American girl JonBenét Ramsey in her family home on Boxing Day, 1996. W...
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Where's Madeleine McCann?

In episode one of season two of What the Con, we delve into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and the conspiracies surrounding her missing person...
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Let's Get Mythical

In this episode of What the Con we discuss all things mythical, from the Lochness Monster to the Tasmanian Tiger, even touching on old mate Big Foot.
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Keeping Up With OJ

In this episode, we delve into conspiracy theories surrounding Hollywood. From Marilyn Monroe, to the sinking of Titanic and everything inbetween, so ...
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A Dingo Took Harold Holt

This week What the Con covers all things Australian, from Harold Holt to Steve Irwin. Be prepared to have your Aussie minds blown.
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Avril Unavailable

This week What the Con dive head first into the conspiracy theories that lurk within the music industry. Get ready to question everything you know abo...
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Lizzie the Lizard

In this episode of What the Con we dive into conspiracies of the British Royal Family.
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