What the Runner Saw

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For those of us with a knack for running into the strange when out for our runs.

WtRS Episode 28: JFK

The long and the short (mostly long) of it, plus the gory aftermath. Well, perhaps not gory, but definitely a mess. Music on the show comes from the P...
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WtRS Episode 26: Lost on the Trails

Um…miss me? Well, I’m back, with lots of news to share. Sorry about the wind noise in the beginning… Music on the show comes from my friend Scott Simo...
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WtRS Episode 22: Hug ‘Em Tight

Debating about future races, and then musing about my dad and about my boys’ first day of school. Yay for less running in the pitch dark! Music on the...
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WtRS Episode 21: Family Ramblings

Back, after technical issues! My parents are in for a visit, and then I chat with my boys. Thanks to Lisa, James, and Dorothy for their contributions....
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WtRS Episode 18: Ready, Steady…

Almost game day. Ack! I’d welcome any voicemails and comments, especially so I can put them on my phone to play during the hard parts of the race. 262...
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