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S3E3: "Banging the Trashcans"

In this episode, the guys discuss good brew from unsuspecting places, introduce a new segment - "Grandpa's Corner", and scratch their heads at the amo...
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S3E2: "Sports Angst"

“Sports Angst” Brew Topic - Coffee as a “P.E.D.” 9:56 - “Doom and Gloom” Times in pro sports are rough for San Antonio…could we lose the Spurs to “the...
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S3E1 "We're Back!"

The guys are back for their one year anniversary to bring you season 3 of What's Brewing Sports! Tune in as the antics continue where they left off! #...
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S2E13: "Coach, to Upgrade, or Not"

In this Thanksgiving hangover of an episode, the guys talk about their meager attempts to conquer Mrs. Laura Oliver's Beastly Feast Mountain, as well ...
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S2E10: "Expectations in Sports"

In this episode the guys talk about "expectations" and the variety of ways they are great and painful in sports. Needless to say whiskey AND beer were...
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