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What's Up Movie Surfers Podcast. We dive into Disney Channel Original movies and try not to drown in the nostalgia. Part of #BBPodcastNetwork.

Episode 33 - High School Musical

Get your head in the game as Jordyn and Mallory are joined by Shaon Shamsul to discuss High School Musical! Listen in as they discuss Zac Efron's spra...
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Episode 32 - Hatching Pete

Jordyn and Mallory are joined by friends of the pod Ari and Jenn. Listen in as they discuss whether this movie is furry-positive, why Mallory needs th...
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Episode 29 - Descendants 2

It's our SECOND OFFICIAL BOOZE CRUISE EPISODE! Jordyn and Mallory get tipsy and dive deep into Descendants 2 along with their friend Jenna. Listen in ...
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Episode 28 - Going To The Mat

Join Mallory and Jordyn as we try to discover if this movie is about wrestling or yoga! We go on a roller coaster of emotion involving gym class flash...
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Episode 26 - Girl Vs. Monster

Have you ever wanted to watch an hour and a half long extended music video about knockoff ghostbusters? Neither did we! Join Jordyn, Mallory, and spec...
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Episode 25 - Halloweentown

Things are getting spooky this week as we (finally) dive into Halloweentown! We talk about AMERICAN TREASURE Debbie Reynolds, bad parenting, the monst...
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