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with Keith and Johnny Orange!

Episode 103: Booze and Big Blocks

Alcohol and racing have deep roots. The guys talk about some of the bootlegging days that created NASCAR as well as why certain brands were more popul...
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Episode 102: Interior Talk

Both Keith and Johnny Orange are planning complete interior swaps on their projects. The guys talk interior restoration ideas and products as well as ...
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Episode101: Taste of the Aftershow

The guys sample a beer on the main show for the first time, courtesy of Lynch's Irish Tavern in Port Huron, Michigan. They talk updates on their proje...
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Episode 98: Honda CR-V History

The versatile and modular CR-V has been an underdog performer for over 20 years. What are the highlights and drawbacks of one of North America's small...
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Episode 97: Parts Collecting

Keith and Johnny are collecting parts for their builds for the #greatbourbonrace but are they going to be able to assemble them in time? We'll know so...
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