Wheels In Motion

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Carter has been a trailblazer in helping companies achieve their supply chain goals, and we have tailored our services to fit the ever-changing supply chain management needs across North America. We decided to use our experiences and expertise in the industry to give our listeners access to industry-specific content to help navigate the ever-changing task of managing one's supply chain. We plan to release a monthly Wheels in Motion episode that will help enrich our listeners with industry insight and actionable items you can take back to your respective companies to improve your processes. The episodes will have many different guests from our organization and also specialists from other companies. We are covering a broad scope of topics, like how to know if your supply chain is aligned with your lean manufacturing initiatives, best practices for border crossing, and understanding the difference in managing your supply chain in Mexico vs. the US, just to name a few.

Ocean and Air Freight Market 2021

At this point, Importers and Exporters find that the current state of the Ocean and Air Freight Market is something they have never experienced before...
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