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A Public Affair

What happens when the people you look up to make mistakes? Can their apology fix the situation? Is their apology genuine? Should this have even been i...
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Keep The Spark In Marriage

IN Marriage IT is important to keep the spark going. When the flame goes out, it can open the door to challenges that are avoidable. Tune in as the Ho...
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Blended Family-Part 2

Blended families are not easy to manage. Creating the family atmosphere with a solid foundation from the beginning is important to the success of the ...
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Should I get the Vaccine?

Many people have questions about whether or not they should get the Vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. There are many reason why people are skeptic. Tune...
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Blended Family

Having Blended family can be challenging. There are many things that come along with it and if these things are not addressed from the beginning can r...
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Civil Unrest

What happened on January 6, 2021 in Washington? Where are we in America? What happens next? Tune in as the Hosts discuss this and more. Music By: Morg...
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Hope For Tomorrow

Regardless to what this year has brought there is still hope! Regardless to what happens in this election, there is still hope! At the end of the day,...
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Church Hurt

Have you ever experienced church hurt to the point of losing your faith in ministry and disappointed with the leaders you serve with! Today we discuss...
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Has Netflix Gone Too Far?

There is complete outrage over Netflix airing a show called "Cuties". The clip used to market the movie shows 11 year old girls dancing explicitly. Th...
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