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If We Don't Got It, You Don't Want It

Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.142

It's cloudy with a chance of meteor showers on this episode of the W(S)P.  Jon Gruden howls at the moon and gets caught stealing boxes out the back an...
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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.141

We ticker tapin, eating handfuls of horse s!#t like and eagles fan on this episode of the W(S)P.  We celebrating the DBoys 2-0 start and ending a fift...
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W(S)P DBoys Pep Rally 2021

This ain't your grandpappy's episode of the W(S)P.  This here is the 2021 Dallas Cowboys Pep Rally, hours before their week one matchup against the Ta...
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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.140

We just riffin' on this one homies, we just riffin'.  We headed any which way the wind blows on this monumental episode of the never-say-die podcast, ...
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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.139

The podcast Olympics gold medalist, the W(S)P is back and all up in ya' a$$.  I'm back homie, and the forecast calls for a strong chance of meteor sho...
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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.138

We snapping like a Notorious shin bone on this episode of the W(S)P.  This is the aftermath episode, I'll break down the past, present, and future of ...
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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.137

We gum bumping up a category five storm of the century on this one homies. My golden pick from 2020, the Phoenix Suns, are in the NBA Finals, Pat Beve...
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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.136

We going old school on this episode of the W(S)P.  This is a NBGB (Nothing But Gum Bumping) episode and no one's safe, homies.  What better way to sta...
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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.135

Welcome to the Hall Of Fame episode of the W(S)P.  This episode will go down in Podcasting history and be adorned with a Nobel Peace Prize.  You're ab...
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Whiskey (S)ick PodcastEp.134

The W(S)P is back for the very first time.  After a brief hiatus, podcast royalty is back to claim the Iron Throne.  On today's show the LA Bakers get...
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