Who's Your Therapist

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Sit back as we take you behind the professional screen into the personal lives of therapists; full of ups, downs, and many sideways moments... And you thought YOU had problems!

Alex Daros: Confronting Shame

Shame and stigma can be powerful forces, and Alex is on a mission to confront them in his life. We talk about his experience attending an all-boys Cat...
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Tanya Young: Resilience Runs Deep

There’s no question that the theme of loss has permeated throughout Tanya’s life: the loss of innocence, the loss of ideal family relationships, the l...
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Abby Rozen: No Such Thing As Lazy

Abby is the self-proclaimed “World’s Okayest Therapist,” at least that’s what her t-shirt says. As such, she is constantly meeting pressure head-on wi...
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Gillian Reid: Mother Zen

Gillian comes from a long line of doers. In fact, “just keep going when times get tough," was sort of a family trait. When depression hit in high scho...
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Daniel Farb: The Wounded Healer

Daniel Farb a.k.a. MC Fübb is no stranger to taking the road less travelled. Some of these roads, however, led him down some dark paths; getting in tr...
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