Why [It] Matters

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You know [what] matters. Do you know why?

[Our Divided House]

Disagreeing is hard. Disagreeing about politics is especially hard. But if you really believe in reaching across the aisle, or the dinner table for th...
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[Common Ground]

Hold up... we, the American people, agree on things? Stats attributed to Pew Research Center & FiveThirtyEight. Music by Kevin Macleod @ incompetech.c...
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[The Rest of the World]

Why [The Rest of the World] Matters. Did I really have to make this episode? Apparently, yes. Music feat. 3hattrio (www.3hattrio.com) & Ari and Mia (w...
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[The Vote]

Why The Vote Matters. Simple... right?   Music by Ari & Mia: For more of the Bostonian Americana sisters, check their music out at ariandmiamusic.com....
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