Win Some, Lose Most

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We talk sports, beer, gambling and this crazy thing we call life. Mostly foul-mouthed and cold takes, but we have fun being politically incorrect. Is this thing recording? Hosted by Alex, Devin, Keith, and Tyler

Ep. 9: Dunkirk wasn't Normandy

The boys are back just in time for football season! Summer shenanigans and privileged political takes - this is a LOADED episode! Twitter: @WSLMpodcas...
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Ep. 8: Calipari to the Pelicans

We discuss Lavar Ball's parenting style, NBA MVP contenders, the Final Four and a special guest joins us, again! (16:15 - T Walk) @WSLMPodcast #WSLM
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Ep. 7: Sports and Dicks

The people wanted sports so we gave them SPORTS ...and dicks. We discuss the NCAA tournament bracket, NFL Free Agency, the MVP of the NBA and pissing ...
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Ep. 6: Always Swipe Right

In this episode, we give shout-outs to some of our followers on Twitter and introduce a new segment to our show. We also discuss V's Love Life and lea...
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Ep. 5: T Walk It Out

For the first time ever, WSLM has a guest! He is Mr. College Basketball and he breaks down the upcoming tournament. Updates on V's relationship, the c...
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Ep. 4: Jack Dawson was a Quitter

NBA All Star weekend > College Basketball - We discuss Zima's Comeback, a trip to the 3rd grade and that time Keith played too rough in the co-ed soft...
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Ep. 3: Slow Sports Time

Win Some, Lose Most! We discover a title that describes our lives. Also, we talk about unwanted wedding invites, how not to handle Valentine's Day, an...
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Ep. 2: Your Father's Lips

We discuss overrated food, Lego Batman, relationship updates and grown men kissing their fathers on the lips. Football is Over. Who is Trevor Bauer?
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