Wine About Real Estate

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A podcast from Ring the Bell Realty where we pull back the curtain on the real estate industry and have a little fun and wine along the way.

Realtor Vs Zillow

Kayla Michelle and Heather Kayla, Michelle, and Heather taste Raylen Vineyards and Winery BB Select while talking home values and our giveaway. We are...
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Purple Walls and Hidden Storage

Kayla Michelle and Heather are joined by Chris Johnson and Julia Bennett of CKJ Building and Design plus a surprise guest. We sip on RayLen Vineyards ...
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You Want Me to Insure What?

Kayla, Michelle, and Heather are joined by Van Almond of Peak Insurance tasting Meiomi Pinot Noir. Van debunks the common misconceptions that occur in...
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Prep To Sell

Kayla and Heather talk with Patricia Justice of Patrica Justice Design. She is a blogger, author, prep-to-sell, and redesign specialist who dives into...
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Foreclosures and Short Fails

Everywhere you look, investors are getting "good foreclosure/ short sale deals" Michelle, Kayla, and Heather divulge into the actual processes of both...
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Deals on Wheels

Michelle, Kayla, and Heather pull back the curtain on the differences between a manufactured vs. modular home, in the financial aspects and closing pr...
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Age Old Questions

Michelle, Kayla, and Heather talk over a glass of wine, we discuss the most asked questions buyers ask while viewing a home.
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My Amazing Sh*thole

Michelle, Kayla, and Heather sip wine and discuss whether it's a trashed doublewide or even a $500K home in the middle of nowhere, the market doesn't ...
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Crazy A** Buyers

Michelle, Kayla and Heather divulge into the buying side of real estate and some of the insane clients they've dealt with over the years.
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Our Introduction

Michelle, Kayla and Heather introduce themselves and the mission of the podcast. They drink wine and tell stories of their experiences.
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