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Catching A New Stride

Download the episode! Kaz, Randy and X talk about losing one’s mobile phone in New York City, among other things. Thanks to all of our Patreon support...
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Man, What A Hiatus!

Download the episode! Kaz, Randy and X are back! X’s car works now! After quickly catching up on the weather, we get you up to speed on the Useless In...
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You Said “Fertigate”!

Download the episode! (NOTE: This is one of our “lost episodes” – shows from June to October, 2012, that Randy never got around to posting! But they’r...
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The Worst Recording Ever Made

Download the episode! This is what happens when you think you’re recording off the mixer, but instead you’re recording off of the cheap built-in micro...
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Living Between Vines

Download the episode! The show welcomes (finally) Ray Fister from Life Between The Vines onto the show to discuss his show, radio and podcasting, and ...
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A Rudderless Ship

Download the episode! No, we didn’t take advantage of the date to become chemically altered. That said, you’ll never really get this hour of your life...
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