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Charlie and Liam present The Wipers Times Podcast. Liam plays The News Game, we ask the listeners for help in Sports Desk, and the Wipers respond to your questions!

Ep. 6 - Fair Fudge Ronaldo

The News Game can't catch a break. This week it is replaced by 'Who Tweeted it?', Charlie's newest creation that puts the Wipers against Premier Leagu...
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Ep. 5 - Boy, Oh Boy Was I Greasy!

The News Game has been put on the bench this week because we had too many questions to get through. It's definitely not because Charlie forgot to prep...
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Ep. 4 - Pharaoh's Nightclub

This time, the Wipers discuss an interesting new Chinese pastime and there's a mention for the infamous Asshole M'buvu. Sports Desk returns with the T...
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Ep. 3 - Man versus Horse

Charlie and Liam are back and better than ever. During this episode we discuss the ancient game 'Buzkashi', what a horse would spend its money on if i...
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Ep. 2 - Bizarre Penis Fish

Charlie and Liam are back with the Wipers Times podcast!Liam plays The News Game once again, we decide on who we are following in The Sports Desk and,...
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