Word of the Bay

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Kyle, Nick, and Anthony give their unique takes on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rays, and Lightning each week.

Episode 272 (Cars)

The guys talk about th Tampa Bay Lightning, the Super Bowl, the future of major league baseball. They also talk about Cars, because why the fuck not? 
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Episode 271 (Trash Rock)

Anthony and Kyle talk about how terrible Pierre Mcguire is, and how terrible the Pro-Bowl was. Kyle ponders which sport has the best all-start game. T...
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Episode 270 (Got You Pham)

Was the call blown in the NFCC? The guys talk about that and the repercussions of judgment call replays. This plus the AFC championship, the Patriots ...
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Episode 269 (Cartoon Villains)

The Buccaneers have some tough decisons to make. Anthony and Kyle go over their free agent and talk about who stays and who does. Kyle gushes over Joh...
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Episode 268 (Smashing)

The full crew return. The guys talk about Bruce Arians, and how it will all work out for the Buccaneers. Plus, NFL playoffs, and the NHL. 
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Episode 267 (thank u, Dirk)

Dirk Koetter is fired, and Jason Licht is not. The guys talk about that plus the future of the Buccaners, and their next head coach. All Of that plus ...
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Episode 265 ( Mot De La Baie)

Anthony and Kyle talk about the latest in the Rays relocation plans. Noboy is talking about the redevelopment rights for the Trop sight, or the fact t...
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Episode 264 (Too Little Too Late)

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Jameis Winston has fixed his turnover issues, Dirk Kotters is the answer, and the Bucs are going to the playoffs. Anthony and Ky...
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