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Bible-based inspirational messages, notes, sermons, and lessons to empower and encourage Christian believers to live powerful, purposeful, peaceful and victorious lives in Christ.Thank you for liking, subscribing and commenting. This is a monthly podcast.

Episode 19 - Night Seeker

This episode references Nicodemus coming to Jesus for answers about his spiritual life, found in John 3:1-9. We are in a dark and difficult time, a gl...
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Vulnerable, But Not Forsaken

Message of encouragement to remind God's people that they are not forsaken during this Covid-19 global crisis. Scripture: Isaiah 49:14-16. During Isra...
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E17 - Sitting Where Others Sat

Based on Matthew 20:22. So often we want the celebration and recognition of others without knowing the sacrifice they made or the suffering they endur...
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Episode 16 - I Feel Like Going On

Based on Philippians 3:13,14. The Christian race has many hurdles and obstacles; however, we must keep pressing onward. We must forget those things th...
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Episode 12 - Making It Happen

Scriputre focus: Acts 5:12a, 16b. This episode challenges Christians (body of Christ) to be risk-takers, bold and courageous to do the will of God. We...
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