Work Van

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It's real talk. Raw and uncensored. The kind of conversations people talk about on their daily commute in the work van. Loads of humor and creativity.


Beer show and tell. Thalassophobia! It's real and I have it. We talk about blackholes and at the end goals. How goals play an important role.
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Episode 4.5 Working OT

I cast solo in this episode that I have dubbed Episode 4.5. How do I deal with radio hogs? Tips for working overtime! Find some food for thought in th...
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Balancing Work and play

Golfing, Storm Area 51, and Government Conspiracies. We get deep into our paranoia. All while drinking Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
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Workplace Wierdos

Tanner, Max, and Jesse talk about their hall passes and heroes. What kind of weird people have they worked with, all discussed while drinking a Blue M...
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Pizzly Bears and zombies are just the tip of the iceberg in this episode. We discuss car fads and leadership qualities good and bad. We pay our respec...
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Work Ethic

Max brings us a beer to review. Week all talk about our recent events. There is a lengthy discussion on work ethic and how it plays an important roll ...
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