Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast

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Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast, is a literary citizenship project founded by the Fall 2019 cohort candidates in the MFA: Creative Writing program at the University of Central Florida. Our episodes will feature in-studio readings from the UCF literary community, interviews and readings from published faculty and students, seasonal readings such as our inaugural “Spooky Stories” episode, craft round-tables, and special events such as public readings and conference reports. Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast is an independent project produced with the support of the University of Central Florida MFA in Creative Writing Program, the Department of English, and the College of Arts and Humanities.

Women in the MFA, Part II

In part 2 of Women in the MFA, we discuss reading and teaching canonical and diverse texts, the emotional labor of women and marginalized groups inher...
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Women in the MFA, Part I

Join us as Nicole Pendleton sits down with MFA in Creative Writing candidates Nicole Balsamo, Audi Barnes, Rebecca Fox, and Becca Rowel. In part one o...
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Love Letters

Love through the generations. The great love of female friendships. The arc of married love through a husband’s tight spiral. The beasts we become to ...
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