Worst Collection Ever

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Join comic book fans Jen Stansfield-Marek and Shawn Marek every Thursday for WORST COLLECTION EVER. It's a comedy show where Jen and Shawn poke fun at their own collection of random comic books, most of which that they bought for a dollar or less. Most of the comics are not really worth anything monetarily but they have to justify their purchase somehow! Email the podcast and talk to the hosts at worstcollectionever@gmail.com!

ROHOTMU: Frankenstein’s Monster

It’s Halloween….everyone’s entitled to a ROHOTMU talking about a scary Marvel monster pulled from classic literature.Continue the conversation with Sh...
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Batman In The 50's

World’s Finest Comics #81 (1956)This week, we celebrate Batman in the 50s as we slap around this WORLD’S FINEST where a time-traveling historian shows...
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The week got wild so here we are with another ROHOTMU talking about were-cat woman Tigra! Continue the conversation with Shawn and Jen on Twitter @ang...
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The Beak and Da Butt

Exiles #65 (2005)EXILES (or eXiles if you will) are a crew of temporal Defenders made up mostly of mutants, including Blink, Sabretooth and some dude ...
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Barbie Does Murder

Barbie #5 (1991)Barbie Fashion #32 (1993)Good Lord what are we up to this week. We’ve got TWO Barbie comics that we beat up on and ultimately, we’ve c...
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Todd McFarlane Goes Goth

Infinity Inc #15 (1985)Chroma is an androgynous space being who shows up on different planets to sing melodious dirges about the apocalypse. Obsidian,...
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