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Will and Miranda of MiRubia Comedy, ask each other tough (and often dumb) questions directly from Damned If You Do... A delightful "Would you Rather..." question book that cuts right to the core. It's fun. Check it out.

HEALTH - Let's taco about it.

Health is the theme of today's episode. I question how long Miranda wants to live! She makes me objectify my body. Good Times.  Next week we talk...
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Work, Work, Work, Work, WERK!

We worked hard (ish) to bring this episode to pass. So our THEME is WORK! Next week's Theme is BATTLE! Give us your best Would You Rather... ques...
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Money, MONEY, Money.

We have themes now! The theme of this podcast is MONEY! How exciting! Make sure to come back next week when we tackle RISK!  Not the board game, but t...
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We're breaking up! (...again)

Miranda is always on time. Will tends to be late on occasion which led him to ask:WOULD YOU RATHER...Always and forever be 15 minutes late? OR 90 minu...
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