Wright Beauty Business

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A Millennial Beauty Entrepreneur who wants to help women in the beauty industry on handling their business, clientele, health and creating boundaries.

Business During COVID19- Ep. 3

This episode I'm talking about how the coronavirus has affected me in both my business, mentally and creatively!! IG: @nailsdonewright IG: @wrightbeau...
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Becoming An Entreprenuer- Ep. 2

We're just gonna get started...lol 1st Episode. Im giving you a glimpse of how and why I started doing nails! IG: @wrightbeautybusiness IG: @nailsdone...
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Going Into 2020- Ep.1

This episode is just my little tid bit on going into 2020 with goals and direction. IG: @wrightbeautybusiness IG: @nailsdonewright Website: www.nailsd...
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