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A show for anyone writing out there. Fun, giggles and mostly me laughing at my mistakes so you can learn from my decade of writing on the internet. Join me on my epic journey to publishing my first book that kicks off a dark and quirky paranormal romance series.

Edit with me

Recorded while I was in bed with covid attempting to edit. Join me as I get Avalanche ready for publication. I use pro writing aid and no, I have no s...
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Unpopular Writing Opinions

Reacting to unpopular writing opinions found on youtube. All opinions are expressed in a measured and constructive way with no personal bias. *ahem* F...
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Plot Twist - How not to edit

The manuscript was meant to be finished... but my body was not having it. So how do you manage to keep going when your health decides it does not want...
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Using Scene Cards

In this episode, I go over how I use scene cards and how they have got me out of plotting pickles. Links- Scene Cards download My Website Sacha Black ...
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Things I Hate Reading

Hate is a strong word but some things I read really set my teeth on edge. A different kind of podcast this time, no instructions or lessons, just me t...
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Guest- A different way to publish

I welcome Kristi Elliot to the show. She is a Watty 2020 award winner with her horror-comedy Zombie Soap and she is about to publish her debut novel T...
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Character Building

Grab a blank character profile from my website and start building characters focused on storytelling. Every main character should be a bundle of inner...
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