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Writeway Podcast is a monthly podcast committed to empowering writers to turn their creative aspirations into career realities. Join published author and Writeway Founder and CEO, Rea Frey, and commercial writer and Executive Editor, Joe Tower, as they take a truly no bullshit look into the publishing industry…and give you the tools to become your own best writing advocate. For more information visit www.writewayco.com.

Traditional Publishing is Dead

Rea and Joe catch themselves mid-conversation to record a podcast episode that you won’t want to miss, where they explore the nefarious path to tradit...
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Are You an Outsider?

On this Writeway Podcast episode, Rea and Joe sit down for a candid conversation about “human-ness” and the far-reaching effects and implications that...
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What Kind of Writer Are You?

Well, writers, this week Rea and Joe are coming at you once again to shake things up by getting to the root of what might be holding up the completion...
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