WTF Tech

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Three geeks discussing enterprise tech, asking WTF were they thinking?

007: Take My Syphilis

Darren, Jesse and Stuart return with the seventh episode of WTF Tech show. We discuss the Wanna Cry attack, IBM's new work location strategy. We also ...
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006: Right out of Space Odyssey

Darren, Jesse and Stuart are back with the sixth episode of WTF Tech show. Forever to be known as "the cursed episode", this one took the best part of...
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004: The Empire Strikes Back

Darren, Jesse and Stuart get together for the first WTF Tech show of 2017, and discuss Virtual Reality (two of the hosts now have HTC Vive systems), A...
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003: It’s All About Me

Darren, Jesse and Stuart gather for the final WTF Tech show of 2016, and take aim at Fitbit's acquisition of Pebble, rumours of IBM refactoring Connec...
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002: Slack Knockoff Fatigue

Darren, Jesse and Stuart reconvene for the second WTF Tech show to try to avoid mentioning the US election, but end up discussing "fake news", the new...
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